Vertical garden and plant design: Jardins de babylone

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Since 2004, Jardins de Babylone innovates about revegetation that could be made around us.

A professional team composed of landscapers, botanists, herbalists devoted to give you a little peace of nature.

We propose :

We invite you to take an appointment in our "green gallery" on 6 rue des jeuneurs 75002 Paris.

It's a good accasion to discover our green walls and vegetal product design. A place where you can find luxurious vegetation in Paris.


Focus on vegetal architecture

Discover plant architecture. The art of using plants and well arrange them on a terrace or in a garden. Invite plants in our constructions. Homes or offices, it applies to all areas, all budgets, all projects.

Celebrate 10 years

Jardins de Babylone is happy to share with you this birthday. Created april 7th 2004, Jardins de Babylone celebrates its ten years old today . A panorama of the most beautiful projects are presented below. Thank to all.


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